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Art of Dying Institute of the New York Open Center

Working with Aging, Illness and Dying in Two Weekends: A Body-centered Training for Helping Professionals, Body Workers and Caregivers… and Curious others.

Aging, illness and dying are physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual processes.  These processes connect and are somewhat predictable.  Studying these them together, as one, we become empowered and enlivened in support of others.  These two weekends will increase your life knowledge, encourage your intuition and give tools for increased vitality. 

September 16-18 - Working with Aging, Illness and Dying as Process

Program complete.

December 10-11, 2016 - Working with Relationship Systems through Aging, Illness and Dying

Relationships are living energetic creations. They change through life much as we do, in individual yet predictable ways. Aging, illness and dying impact relationships deeply. In this weekend, we will learn basics of relationship dynamics, including their response to change and endings. We will consider relationships as systems of energy. With that view, we will explore:

  1. ​ How ​and why Dying ​and Grief are related. ​
  2.  Why Grief effects the body
  3. ​How we can support changing relationships
  4. Continuuing bonds after Death.


We will review material from September in December for those who did not attend. These weekends are designed for helping professionals, but open to all.  

345$ for the Weekend. Contact the NY Open Center for Registration and Pricing.

Phone (212) 219-2527 Or click HERE

Finding the Self in Group Process - Ongoing Bi-weekly Group

There comes a time when finding and revealing oneself in a safe group is essential to reaching our fullest potential. This ongoing process group is offered to allow a container to expand self-knowledge and capacity for intimacy. It is a very potent tool for empowerment that tends to build strong relationships, courage and a sense of community. Led by Jeanne, this group uses Core Energetics Techniques (a body psychotherapy method) to allow people to deepen their personal explorations, as well as find emotional support in a group setting. Its primary goal is safe exploration of emotional truth which helps us be more truly seen and able to see others. The body helps us get there. Movement and voice are used by group members to expand energy. Visits are allowed. Interview required. Spaces limited but I can often work people in with notice.

Currently Open - Haverstraw, NY


Once and Future Events:

THE ART OF DYING- New York Open Center 

The Art of Dying is a now a certificate program at the New York Open Center and is newly an Institute. I am facilitating the Certificate program in Integrative Thanatology again this year, and will be teaching, as well as giving talks and webinars in 2016 and 2017.

FREE WEBINAR about Integrative Thanatology: Taped October 4, 1-2:30 p.m. You can see it HERE on Youtube.




"Revisiting Thanatos: A New Look at Dying and Spirituality as aspects of Vitality and Embodiment" - European Association of Body Psychotherapy Congress - October 14, 2016

"Learning the Life Breath" - International Convention of Core Energetics - Brindisi, Italy, September 30, 2016

"Working with Aging, Illness and Dying - Part 1" - September 16-18, 2016.

"Bringing Death to Life" - USABP Conference - Providence Rhode Island, July 22 and 23, 2016

Participation in the Great Rosen Lake Gathering - July 7 - 11, 2016

"Learning the Life Breath" - Talk at the New York Institute for Core Energetics April 2016.

New York Open Center Art of Dying Institute Programs 2015-2016:

Certificate in Integrative Thanatology program facilitation 10/15-3/16

"Introduction to the Energetics of Living and Dying". January 2016

"Presence to self, Presence to Other while working with the Dying" February 2016.

BREATHWORK IMMERSION AT KRIPALU RETREAT CENTER - October 18-23, 2015 From Science to Samahdi You can find out more about this wonderful conference HERE.

Nederlands Instituut for Core Energetics (NICE) - Death, Dying and Illness for 5th year Core Energetic Therapists. June 2015

Planning for Your Final Act: A 6 month exploration of Mortality that covers what you need to know and do to die well. St. John of the Divine Episcopal Church - Tompkins Cove, NY May-Sept. 2015

The Art of Relationship: Body and Psyche in Connection with Other

And many more...  

The Kairos Project

The Kairos Project explores how and whether support groups and processes external to the workplace can help sustain and reignite passion for human service work, while supporting the a sense of meaning and healthy heart of the worker.

The idea for the Kairos project began from awareness that special care, consciousness and support networking is necessary for people working to support human development and evolution.This care and awareness is often subtle, invisible and most everywhere neglected. I often say that there should be OOSHA regulations for this work and one day there will be. Knowledge of the deeper needs for regulation that present in burnout is at present very limited. I suspect these needs include expression, connection with the body, spiritual alignment and supportive community. As a result of the lack of these measures and supports, many caregivers are tragically in burnout and disenchantment with their professional lives, while still holding a longing to follow their life’s work. Often they are not knowing where to go next or in pain that the true gift cannot be given. This is particularly true in birth and death care, in teaching and healing roles (such as nursing and social work), though not exclusive to these. 

This is an ongoing inquiry that you can be apart of. Call Jeanne at 845- 598-1727 or email 

The Kairos Network Blog:  

The Kairos Network Blog happily accepts work from other writers concerning their experiences with caregiving for elders or the dying. General explorations of death and bereavement are also welcome here, as well as cultural attitudes toward the same. If you are someone who works in some way with the transition we call dying, your reflections and stories are welcome here. Contact

Submission Guidelines: Submissions to Kairos Network Blog should reference heartfelt, personal accounts of experiences you have had as an eldercare worker, hospice worker or family caregiver. They should explore the thoughts and inner responses you have had to your experience in this role. This includes creative work such as stories, poetry submissions as well as essays. It could also include some clinical discussions if there is a personal point of view in the content, or they reference a personal accomplishment. Links to other internet material should not have any promotional intent. They must be informative and only included for the purposes of elucidating your points or content. Submissions should be well constructed, in good English and mindful of spelling conventions. They should be less than 1200 words. Titles for your piece can be suggested, but final titles will be chosen by the editor with your approval.

Please include a very short bio with your submission (two to three lines max).



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