“If you want to know how to support Life on the planet, you must understand the language it speaks.  Life expresses in movement. To support the dance of life, you must learn to engage this movement within yourself.” 

Somatic SoULL (School of Unusual Life Learning)  is a multi-level program about human development that helps you take your life to a new level of depth and presence.

Level 1 of Somatic SoULL is a 6 month program that runs (generally) from spring to fall. It teaches how life energy naturally moves and shapes us through every stage of bodily life, including its end. It is about birth, death, all that is between and after, the body, energy, how we grow, change, connect, release, die and love. It also teaches how to stay vital in the work of love and how to become fearless.  

This natural language is a wisdom teaching, one that historically was held by all people living and working in the natural world. In our time we must work to consciously remember this language of the gesture of life.  We must deliberately rediscover how to honor ourselves as natural beings. To do so is in itself a radical and powerful act.  

Level 2 of Somatic SoULL is a year of intensive work on applications of Level 1 material. It includes one on one mentoring, distance learning and seminars. This level is currently in development and is available for any students who have completed Level 1.



Somatic SoULL Level I (SS1) takes place over three residential weekends with distance learning and group dialogue in between.  

Details of the 2020 program will be forthcoming. Here is what we know.


MEEUWENVEEN RETREAT CENTER in the Netherlands: January 24-26, 2020.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (Venue to be announced): February 20-23, 2020

STONY POINT CENTER in Stony Point, New York: April16-19, 2020

DEKOVEN CENTER in Racine, Wisconsin: May 14-17, 2020


Location and dates of Weekends 2 and 3 of Somatic SoULL - Level 1 will be announced soon.

For information on Somatic SoULL Level 2 please contact pilgrimsoullschool@gmail.com.

Please note:  Group is small and space is limited. 
Advance registration is required.

Interview is required for admittance to full program



Who are these program for?  

  • Heart-centered practitioners who enjoy thinking about the mind and body as one, are curious about mortality, energy, and are willing to touch into the unseen.

  • Psychologists, social workers, healthcare workers, clergy, and end of life doulas who have a body-centered orientation or training.

  • Professionals or students in helping, teaching or healing work: somatic therapists, healers, yoga teachers, or bodyworkers, for example.

  • Anyone with an inexplicable stirring within that says "I know I need to be there" is encouraged to apply.

Why do it? 

  • This program will teach you how to be more deeply alive while radically reducing your existential anxiety.

  • Group learning will deeply support your personal growth and professional practice.

  • You will joyfully expand your service into stages of life that may be unfamiliar to you and see greater continuity in life processes.

  • You will deepen your intuition about all stages of life.

  • You will expand your clients ability to find peace within a culture of epidemic existential anxiety.

  • You will learn to become fascinated with aging and even dying rather than arrested by fear and discomfort. You will help others do the same. 

To see if this journey is for you. Schedule an interview with Jeanne Denney at pilgrimsoullschool@gmail.com or call (845) 598-1727.

Somatic SoULL Level I Information Below:


Somatic SoULL has been a profound learning and life experience for me. It begins before the first gathering, and it continues far after the last. The course may span five months, but its teachings are like rich soil—the growth that emerges is quite endless.
— Nandita
I’ve spent years feeling like I was missing something about myself and life, as if there were pieces of a puzzle that needed to be found. Yet I didn’t know what they were or how to find them. Meeting Jeanne and taking the Somatic SoULL program answered that call and placed me on a life path of deeper awareness and understanding. I still have much to discover on my journey, but my questions now come from a clearer worldview. It’s as if I were fumbling around in a dark room and a candle was lit.
— Cristina
As a woman in her mid twenties, I have had my fair share of quarter life crises and this program enabled me to discover and connect to the inherent wisdom within my body, and of life processes. SouLL further strengthened my deeply rooted connection to nature. I know that these teachings will be with me for the rest of my life and am in deep gratitude for them, for Jeanne, and having been able to bear witness to other students’ journeys as well. Their process deepened my process, and created a sense of community I know I have been missing.
— Jackie K.
Jeanne’s teaching deeply touched my heart and opened it up to see my life’s purpose. It prepared me for the journey I had no idea I would take, when I was faced with my father’s passing. It gave me tools and language to explore my own body’s energy and to connect with nature and community around me.
— Paulina P.  
I am a sprightly active 68 woman who was freaking out about aging. Taking the SOULL program last year recalibrated my whole perspective on aging and dying and the pulsation of relationship and change. Jeanne is on to something. This work is helping me figure out how to live the last quarter of my life. I recommend it to all ages but especially to the 60 somethings and on. Life vs Death is not the solution.
— Liz Carl, LCSW, CET, EMM, Co-Director of Core Polska