Somatic therapy offers specific techniques for working with the body, energy, emotions and resolving trauma.


Somatic (or Body-Centered) Therapies are similar to Whole Life Therapy in that it considers the whole person and what the body is expressing. Techniques might include mindfulness, focusing, breathwork, voice, large or small movements, play acting and expression.

I have studied both Core Energetics therapy and Somatic Experiencing, as well as healing and a number of other modalities. I bring this to bear on how I work with clients in my unique way. I offer a description of these two methods below:

Core Energetics is a therapeutic method that works with the idea that human beings have an energy system as well as a body and that this energy system and body are intimately linked to a person’s emotions, thoughts and spirituality. It teaches practitioners ways to observe a client’s energy system and how blockages in energy manifest in the body. In Core Energetics theory the body is seen as a repository of our history and psychic life and can be observed or “read” in order to understand and work with clients core life issues. It teaches methods to free up bound energy, or contain leaking energy in a therapeutic context, so that an individual can live with more vitality, joy and empowerment.

Core Energetics often results in rapid change. It is especially useful when you are open to expressive techniques and are genuinely ready for things to be different.

Somatic Experiencing is a set of techniques which support regulation of the autonomic nervous system, which underlies every aspect of our physical, emotional, and psychological functioning. This method works primarily through mindfulness practices, sensory awareness, imagery, movement and touch. SE can be useful for trauma resolution, mood regulation, the reworking of addictive patterns, and the prevention of PTSD. Somatic Experiencing is a more subtle and organic method.

If you are suffering from trauma or feel very drawn to working with your body in therapy, help is available. I will be happy to speak with you about how we can work with your life and your body as one.

For more general information on Somatic or Body-Centered Psychotherapy, visit United States Association of Body Psychotherapy.

Learn more about my background and experience here.


My colleague, Jeanne Denney, is a Mover and a Shaker. When she works with people in her wise and kind way, she moves peoples’ bodies and energy so that they can move their souls. She shakes people into becoming awake to their own potential and their own joy. She embraces the profound phases of life. Jeanne and I have worked on cases together, so I have been witness to the profound openings and release she creates in her work with clients. I respect and trust her deeply. I am thrilled that Jeanne, the Healer, is in my life and touches the lives of so many.
— Liz Carl, LCSW
I went into this surgery stronger and more peaceful than I knew I could be, and I have emerged from it feeling amazed. I experienced much less post-surgical trauma than I ever have before. I learned to take back control and face some very old lifelong fears. Each step I took changed the next one for me. And it has been a journey I would with Jeanne take again anytime.
— Sue, hip revision surgery patient