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Hi, I’m Jeanne.

I help individuals, students, professionals, and groups find deeper life understanding, health and transformation.


Some people know me as a somatic psychotherapist. Others know me as a thought leader, a life teacher, and a support for death, dying or grief. In fact, I work between all of these fields. I have created many applications for enriching your life and helping you through transition at any age.

There are different ways to engage with me and my work. I invite you to be a client, a student, a supporter of the School of Unusual Life Learning (SoULL), a collaborator, or to host me to teach your group.

Take a look at current offerings. See what calls. If something does, I look forward to hearing from you.  


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Your life is not your body, your mind, your health or your identity. Your life is the energy moving through all of these things beautifully creating and undoing them with perfect timing. Holding this perspective shifts everything.



Here are some of the ways to engage with me:

Work with Me Individually

My therapy and coaching practice focuses on helping people use life issues such as emotional unease, anxiety, crises, illness, bereavement, dying or birth to find a greater connection to themselves, their bodies, their health and their sense of personal meaning. If you are a therapy professional I can support you in gaining confidence and presence with your clients’ aging, illness or dying. If you are an end of life worker I can help you gain deeper insight and presence in your work.

Join the School

School of Unusual Life Learning (SoULL) is a cutting edge, 6 month transformational program for healers, creatives, helping professionals and the existentially curious. It is designed to help you reach a new level of depth and presence in your life and relationships by learning about how life energy naturally moves and shapes us through every stage of bodily life, including its end. 

Invite Me to Teach

I incorporate human development, somatic psychotherapy, and energy theory to present unique programs for groups of all kinds. This work is especially useful for body workers, therapists, hospice workers, caregivers, or those deeply curious about life’s full expression. However understanding how group energies form and change is also useful for work in the business sector and other groups hoping to deepen their group dynamics. I offer personal mentoring as well as group teaching.



"Doing this work with Jeanne Denney and the exploration of my own fear and beliefs is some of the most profound work I have ever encountered. In many ways just the path offers comfort and acceptance in a way I have never experienced before leaving me with more room for the full extent of my grief and my love.”

- A.P.