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Whole life therapy and coaching works with your issues and goals in the context of your overall human development. It helps you aim toward a life with purpose and meaning.


Of course we begin working on the issues that bring you to therapy. But eventually we consider how history has shaped this issue in your life, in your body and psyche. We work with these together toward resolution. Considering development gives us many more clues and tools for helping. It helps connect what your mind is saying and body is presenting. With this approach I help you realign the life energy of your body with your life itself.

Coaching is guidance and support for making goals and reaching them. Therapy often naturally leads to coaching. As crises are resolved, larger questions often emerge within therapy. What am I here to do? What makes me truly happy? What gives my life meaning? How can I advance toward meaning and purpose? What valuable parts of myself have I neglected? What can I do now to actively create a more fulfilling life? In Whole Life Therapy and Coaching we support these larger questions and life callings. We consider what body, spirit, and health is telling you about your life direction. If holding a spiritual view of your life goals feels helpful to you, we will include this in the process. Coaching clients may be given assignments between sessions to work with me toward advancing personal goals.


She listens, she cares, and she sparkles.
— Paige, 9 years old
As a lifetime student on the path of self-awareness, I’ve encountered many teachers along the way. Jeanne Denney is different. A few years ago, when I came to Jeanne for one-on-one counseling - and later, joined a process group - I was processing big grief - both of my parents were dying and I was the designated daughter, both of my children were about to leave the nest and my writing and teaching were suddenly taking off. Jeanne was able to engage me in all of the confusion and meet me right where I was. She met me in the language of the heart and soul that I speak and understand. Then, she helped and supported me as finally, I opened my heart. I recommend her without reservation and gratitude beyond words.
— Amy Oscar, Teacher and author of "Sea of Miracles
With warmth, intelligence and serious intent to heal and help, Jeanne Denney patiently led me through a serious and painful life transition this past year.  She creates and holds a safe space for transformation.  Jeanne helped me clarify my goals for our work together, then did her job to insure our sessions stayed on course. I appreciated her ability to be incredibly patient, yet super focused. The full scope of Jeanne’s multi faceted training in diverse therapeutic modalities helped me feel hopeful that the sky was the limit in finding my way through healing. 
— Danette