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I teach groups about consciousness and connection throughout human life. I also help the people in established groups to work better together and with greater wisdom. My teaching is both didactic and experiential. Most participants find it deeply enlivening.

I am often asked to give talks and workshops in venues outside of The School (SoULL). I bring the teachings of the school to other schools, conferences and groups in unique programs that address their needs. Common places that I present are training institutes for helping professionals, agencies for human service as well as spiritual and holistic learning centers.

In fact these teachings have many applications. I am happy to explore how they might support your organization. In addition to bringing enlivening and original content to organizations, I can be of service by working creatively with group challenges and issues. These teachings are also highly applicable for business groups, or other groups operating with a shared intention. I can help you learn about your own processes and decipher what is expressing in group or individual frustrations. In this way I help you support the life force of your group as well as the individuals within it.

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Jeanne Denney is a passionate and caring teacher. Safety and support are constantly available and exchange of thoughts and ideas are encouraged. I can highly recommend study with Jeanne. One is in good hands.
— Marcus Daniels, Director of Lungta Institute
Jeanne has enlarged and enriched my world with her work and her being.  She is an original, innovative teacher who brings much clarity and light.  I have found the group to be a highly effective way to resolve current and long standing personal issues and dilemmas.
— S.P.


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