I support professionals in caring for themselves, advancing their skills and deepening their service to others. I do this through teaching, mentoring and supervision.

If you are a professional, especially a helping professional, I will work with you to find needed insights into whole life processes and human energy through the life span. This adds a dimension of body awareness and energy work to your practice that will most likely enliven both you and the people you work with.

I will support your relationship to your work. I will help you find meaning and excitement so that your work truly feeds you in your own human growth.

Professional groups that especially benefit from work with me are therapists, deathcare professionals (such as doulas, caregivers or companions), healthcare workers, teachers and other human helpers. I also work with the issue of burnout in these fields by understanding burnout as energy.

These insights and practices may not instantly transform your work environment, or change the demands placed upon you daily. But over time it can help you find boundaries, connections and processes that will support you within the workplace. Or, it may help you understand if your work needs to take a new form or find a new place to unfold.

Ultimately human service work is work of the heart. Creating havens for your heart is a priority in the work I do with professionals. If you find yourself hating the work you want to love, want more understanding about what you are seeing, or wish to give from a deeper place in your being, you may benefit from a consult.

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This work certainly helped me figure out how to live the last quarter of my life. It has also helped me with clients in my psychotherapy practice and in my teaching.
— Liz
As an embodied facilitator, cultural activist, artist, and plain old human, the program has had invaluable impact on all aspects of my life. It opens, it transforms, it challenges, it unveils. It strengthened my facilitation and expanded my internal and community resources. I believe that Somatic SoULL speaks to the connective tissue our world desperately needs. Connecting question to question, life stage to life stage, individual body to group body, millennials to elders, end-of-life to beginning-of-life. Through this co-woven journey, I found more space to breathe, more space and courage to be fully alive.
— Nandita