“The most profound work.”

"Doing this work with Jeanne Denney and the exploration of my own fear and beliefs is some of the most profound work I have ever encountered. In many ways just the path offers comfort and acceptance in a way I have never experienced before leaving me with more room for the full extent of my grief and my love. Please give yourself this amazing gift." 

— A.B..

“Original, Innovative Teacher.”

"Jeanne has enlarged and enriched my world with her work and her being.  She is an original, innovative teacher who brings much clarity and light.  I have found the group to be a highly effective way to resolve current and long standing personal issues and dilemmas." 

— S.P.



"Jeanne Denney is a passionate and caring teacher. Safety and support are constantly available and exchange of thoughts and ideas are encouraged. I can highly recommend study with Jeanne. One is in good hands."

— Marcus Daniels, Director of Lungta Institute



“She shakes people into becoming awake to their own potential.”

"My colleague, Jeanne Denney, is a Mover and a Shaker. When she works with people in her wise and kind way, she moves peoples' bodies and energy so that they can move their souls. She shakes people into becoming awake to their own potential and their own joy. She embraces the profound phases of life. Jeanne and I have worked on cases together, so I have been witness to the profound openings and release she creates in her work with clients. I respect and trust her deeply. I am thrilled that Jeanne, the Healer, is in my life and touches the lives of so many."

— Liz Carl, LCSW

“She met me in the language of the heart and soul.”

"As a lifetime student on the path of self-awareness, I've encountered many teachers along the way. Jeanne Denney is different. A few years ago, when I came to Jeanne for one-on-one counseling - and later, joined a process group - I was processing big grief - both of my parents were dying and I was the designated daughter, both of my children were about to leave the nest and my writing and teaching were suddenly taking off. Jeanne was able to engage me in all of the confusion and meet me right where I was. She met me in the language of the heart and soul that I speak and understand. Then, she helped and supported me as finally, I opened my heart. I recommend her without reservation and gratitude beyond words."

— Amy Oscar, Teacher and author of "Sea of Miracles"


This work truly transformed my pain into strength and left me feeling proud of my journey.
— Susan


It was one of first time I felt reality hitting me in face. It was a “Holy shit” moment. What am I going to do? I was lost and very afraid. I noticed that I was shutting down and cutting everyone off. I was going to do this alone. I wasn’t going to trouble anybody. I wasn’t sure I deserved the attention that anyone would give me. A part of me thought that I could talk my way out of this. First I needed space to just talk. That was really important.

Then one of things that you did at one point was you flipped it. Death was an invitation to life, an opportunity to live. That started a whole other thing. I had the realization that I have been living in a dream. I had to ask things like “Where am I not living fully?” “Where was trauma from history still active?” I thought I had done all the work on my father and wasn’t angry any more. I thought his death had ended it. But I discovered it wasn’t really gone. It was still in my body.”

— Pete, Cancer patient